Monday, March 12, 2012

Bouldering with Adam Ondra

I just posted an interview with Adam Ondra on Mountains and Water. Please check it out. Here are some of Adam's thoughts on bouldering:

"It seems like you did a lot more bouldering in the past two years than before. Why did you begin to emphasize bouldering and train more specifically for it?
I did it because I love variety in climbing. One obvious reason why to love bouldering is because of its purity. I reckoned that it might have helped in sport climbing too, but it wasn't the main reason. Last autumn I was only bouldering and the main reason was that I had never really focused on that for longer period of time. I wanted to find out how hard I could boulder when completely focused on it."
"What does bouldering do for your climbing overall?
I am stronger and that is why I can do moves on the routes easier. I realized that it is important to try different beta, because bouldering taught me that even the most impossible-looking beta might be the easiest solution to the problem."

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