Saturday, January 7, 2012

Deadpoint Magazine Review

Deadpoint Magazine posted a great review of my book on their website. Please take a moment to check it out.

Here's a quote: "The challenge for any author tackling this kind of topic is being able to present massive amounts of potentially stale information in a way that seamlessly incorporates why it is important and why we should keep reading.  Beal was able to weave together the hard facts, tactics, and movement of bouldering with the reasons that we want to boulder in the first place.  It’s the thoughtful writing style that allows one to continue turning the pages of this comprehensive tome on bouldering, and comprehensive it is."

Also I was psyched to see that my friend Andrew Kornylak's film A Fine Line was mentioned by National Geographic Adventure. I did a lot of narration in the film (which I really should review) and NGA featured an excerpt "The Vision of Dave Graham" embedded below. Well worth watching, as is the entire film which is available at HDclimbing

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