Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lincoln Lake Clean Up Event (via the Access Fund)

Just got an email about this today:

Where: Lincoln Lake, Mt. Evans Wilderness Area
When:  Saturday September 17th
Hosted by:  Chris Schulte and the USFS
Details:  Meet at the Echo Lake parking area at 10am. Trash removal from one of the highest summer bouldering spots in the US. The event is centered around a tough hike down into the Lincoln Lake cleft, running around in the talus field, and gathering up scattered and sometimes hard-to-find bits of trash, from the odd piece of tape or water bottle to the occasional car wheel. Interested volunteers should be able and ready for some difficult travel through large sized talus, and serious work at an altitude of around 12,000', as well as being equipped for the possibility of very inclement weather. Knowledge of the area is important, for safety and efficiency! For more information, please contact Chris Schulte at gneissguy15@mac.com.
Every hour of time you donate to a crag helps show land managers that climbers are responsible stewards. Grab some friends and a pair of work gloves and spend a day giving back to the sport you love! We hope to  see you there.

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