Friday, January 28, 2011

Breakthrough Bouldering Clinic at ROCK'n & JAM'n in Thornton 1/31----CANCELLED due to weather

UPDATE: Due to really bad road conditions and no sign of improvement, I have to postpone my clinic. I will plan on rescheduling ASAP.

At the request of Amy Carden, manager at R&J, I am presenting my bouldering clinic next Monday, January 31 at 6pm. I am going to be focusing on the same themes as my last BRC clinic. Close analysis of technique, assessing tactics, self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses, and climbing awareness are the primary elements. These factors can boost excellence in both bouldering and sport climbing.

Check out the gym's website and their blog as well. R&J is one of the best gyms on the Front Range, though I doubt I could summit out on the big lead wall at this point. Too many moves...

Yesterday, I spent a little time bouldering with two elite-level climbers and used the opportunity to really closely observe the ways in which they engaged the holds and the moves. Jonathan Siegrist uses powerful crisp movements done close in to the wall while Matt Wilder tends to hang away from the wall more, finding the balance point which works the best. Looking at really good climbers enables you to think clearly about your own style and the ways in which you can adapt other people's styles to your own. Climbing gyms give the best opportunity to do this kind of comparison and are why they make a good investment beyond the actual climbing.

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